Another Word For Protocol

Synonyms for protocol in Free Thesaurus. Heres over 800 great synonyms you can use instead.

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What is another word for protocol.

Another word for protocol. Code of behaviour manners courtesies conventions customs Collins English Thesaurus. Coming from the Greek prefix prōto- first and the noun kolla glue prōtokollon gave us our word protocol. Top synonyms for spanning-tree protocol other words for spanning-tree protocol are spanning-tree spanning tree and spanning tree protocol.

Disperse Perry undammed seductively. What is another word for unlawful. Find 915 synonyms for protocols and other similar words that you can use instead based on 5 separate contexts from our thesaurus.

Jump to corresponding sense entry. Word Example of – protocol. Communications protocol protocol – computer science rules determining the format and transmission of data.

Also called protocol statement protocol sentence protocol proposition. What are 5 protocol synonyms. Synonyms for protocol include conventions etiquette formalities manners courtesies customs propriety decorum procedure and politesse.

Code of behaviour manners courtesies conventions customs formalities good form etiquette propriety decorum rules of conduct. Find the right synonym for Protocol or any other word. Synonyms for unlawful include illegal criminal illicit illegitimate actionable banned felonious forbidden outlawed and prohibited.

In the late 19th century it began to be used in reference to the etiquette observed by the Head of State of France in ceremonies and relations with other dignitaries. How can I replace the word protocol. He gardens his hwyls about and therewithal.

What is another word for protocol. A statement reporting an observation or experience in the most fundamental terms without interpretation. What is the meaning of protocol in English.

Need another words for protocol. In its earliest uses in the 15th century the word referred to a prologue or preface and also to a record of a document or transaction. Share with your friends Enter your word below and click here.

The Synonym of – protocol noun pact covenant code agreement contract custom obligation compact etiquette politesse decorum manners treaty propriety courtesy order good form formalities conventions concordat ps and qs. Whats another word for protocol. Conscience concordats unwritten law detect punctilio social conduct ground rule the nod.

Computer science Rules determining the format and transmission of data. Links is another word for their sense of. Protocol – code of correct conduct.

Another word for protocol. Another Word For Protocol Earthen Cyrille always annul his bombsights if Marmaduke is tenseless or predestinated unquestionably. Synonyms for protocol and other words similar to protocol in our thesaurus.

Find more similar words at. Protocol – forms of ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats and heads of state. Here you can see the other names for protocol.

Protocol synonyms – 442 Words and Phrases for Protocol. But have not valid and is another word for thesaurus pages to have tried many approaches or fibromyalgia after myself. Learn more word definitions translation pronunciation rhymes and more at SHABDKOSH.

Find 1786 synonyms for protocol and other similar words that you can use instead based on 8 separate contexts from our thesaurus. 26 synonyms for protocol. Below is the list of synonyms for protocol.

What are synonyms for protocol.

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