Different Tikanga

The placing into practice that which is correct. So long as tikanga is adhered to we still learn about each other.

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While these concepts of tikanga are constant their practice can vary between iwi tribe and hapū sub-tribe.

Different tikanga. Minds tikanga Māori puts that knowledge into practice and adds the aspects of correctness and ritual support. From what I understand the terms Kawa and Tikanga refer to that spiritual concept or obligation in Te Arawa the term used is Kawa while in other Iwi its Tikanga I think Kingi was very disillusioned and sad at what happened and those are his observations as a 79 year old whose watched things change. But the real meaning is something like normalities or usualness or what is done normally by people.

Encourage rangatahi to do the right thing by providing them with the essential information. Tikanga Māori are diverse and flexible by nature. Kevin Prime explains the subtle differences in meaning for the word ti.

Tikanga is often translated as customs. Quintin I reckon a lot of practices like taking. Perhaps the best that can be said is that it made it.

Kawa is etiquette and is more formulaic and unchanging. Stuffs apology for the inequitable treatment of Māori and tikanga Māori by Stuff and its media predecessors is so powerful writes Dame Anne Salmond because it recognizes the Queens promise of equality and mutual respect for different tikanga In. Potent possibilities open up when we experiment with different tikanga such as weaving the idea of whakapapa as an all-embracing network in which all life is included into and throughout our own.

These practices or protocols reflect the concepts upon which they are based and provide guidelines for appropriate behaviour in Māori society. Expressions such as ko te tikanga translate as generally or usually. The court was guarded about the importance of tikanga.

Explain rules boundaries and consequences. Tikang a is relev ant not bec ause tikang a is engaged b y specific statu tory ref erence but bec ause tikanga is eng aged whenever Maori ar e within the jurisdictional embr ace of the Court. Tikanga Māori might be described as Māori.

Reward adherence to tikanga. It is YOUR Pepeha – you tell your story how your tribekaumatuawānanga teaches you. Where possible use different coloured flannels to differentiate.

Everyone uses different templates maunga first or waka first etc that matters not to me. Using different flannels for washing the head and washing the body. Sharing of kai Whakawhanaungatanga.

Thats not to say everyone agrees. Tikanga is commonly based on experience and learning that has been handed down through generations. Washing the body in a strict order starting from the neck to the genital and then anal area.

Last week we saw the Supreme Court in Takamore explaining that common law judges making decisions and applying the law to a particular case must refer to tikanga Māori. We still come to know you and your pepeha tells us who you come from where your people came from as we try to make connections whilst listening. Keeping separate from food anything that comes into contact with the body or body fluids for example.

For the purpose of this unit standard tikanga are the identified practices or protocols of any Māori. People then see tikanga in action and they do it feel it understand it accept it and feel empowered through experience. Drawing on different ancestral legacies to generate more respectful mana-enhancing and creative relations with each other and other life forms works towards the promise of Ture 3 of Te Tiriti ngā tikanga rite tahi absolutely equal tikanga.

Tikanga Māori in Legislation. We would see rangatahi operating within the confines of the rules. For example the way in which a hapū greet and welcome visitors may differ from anothers.

Tikanga are cultural practices or protocols exercised by Māori in their daily lives. Here a person is constituted by the sum and quality of their relationships with other life forms as well as with other people including tīpuna and whanaunga from different backgrounds and places. Investigation of complaints under the headings Duties of clerical.

A PōhiriPōwhiri is a ritualised encounter between two groups of people the tangata whenua people of the landlocal hosts and manuhirimanuwhiri birds from afarguests at a marae meeting house of the tangata whenua. IwiKiwi Māorithe Crown Māorinon-Māori which cut across the relational networks of whakapapa and whanaungatanga. Bishops have a general duty whenever it is appropriate to endeavour to achieve an outcome within their tikanga accepted by all the parties as a first step before other process under Title D Canon D I Part B 1.

The different tikanga also play a substantial part in the regulation of church discipline Title D of the Canons. This is one of the most formal occasions in the Māori world so women and men are expected to dress modestly with women usually wearing long below the knee. In some ways the strength of tikanga is that they are made to adapt to differing circumstances and changes to environments and contexts.

Conservationist Kevin Prime joins Scotty Morrison in the studio to talk about kererū. Indeed Māori have continued to develop tikanga for generations in order to address the changes that have occurred on our lands. So this was caselaw referring to tikanga and its relevance to judge made law.

This is very different from the sharp-edged silos generated by binary logic based on YesNo choices eg. However while adaptability is a strength of tikanga there are numerous. It is based on logic and common sense associated with a Māori world view.

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