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I ōna taringa mau haere tonu ai a Te Kani i ngā tautau me ana mōtoi pounamu he taonga tuku iho ki a ia nā Rāpata Wahawaha rāua ko Te Pairi Tūterangi te tohunga nei o Tūhoe te kaiwhakaako hoki i a. The wonderful Dalvanius Prime a lifelong learner of te reo famously said Im not the star the reo is the star Dalvanius didnt let his personal lack of proficiency stop him using his.

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Ahakoa he iti he pounamu.

Taonga meaning te reo. Tikanga are Māori cultural practices. Grammatically this word taonga is a noun more specifically a noun form an invariant noun an irregular plural a nouns with irregular plural and a countable noun. The phrase te reo me ōna tikanga means the language and its cultural practices and reflects the intrinsic link between the Māori language and culture.

In a stirring maiden speech to Parliament he said in te reo. Rukuwai Tipene-Allen Te Aorere Pēwhairangi Jade Maipi discuss in this panel discussion led by T. He hono tangata e kore e motu.

Take the noose from around my neck so that I may sing my song. It means making sure we are working hard to clean our waterways. Nurturing the growth of te.

The current definition differs from the historical definition noted khunzhi-Nika as property acquired at random and currently refers to a. Whakataukī in te reo. He taonga te reo.

But the Pākehā can easily see them with his instrument the microscope to enlarge tiny things so that they can be seen. Mason dedicated a year to untangling the meaning behind Shakespeares words and phrases. Although it is small it is a treasure.

Unlike a canoe rope a human bond cannot be severed. The crown also stated in the Treaty that there was to be. If the child is Māori if there are children of Māori descent in the school thats a pathway for the child to become a better human through Te Ao Haka.

The voices of the musical instruments come from the sounds of insects birds. In the reo Māori version of the Treaty the chiefs were confirmed and guaranteed the exercise of the chieftainship or tino rangatiratanga over their lands villages and taonga katoa all treasured things. Taonga tuku iho Play 1.

Due to the lack of direct English translation and the significance of its use in the Treaty of Waitangi the word is widely used in New Zealand English as a borrowing. We are trying to create a Māori world view within Shakespeare to try and give the language cultural context. Otirā he māmā noa te kite a te Pākehā i tāna taonga i te karaihe whakanui hei whakanui i ngā mea ririki kia kitea ai.

The current conversation about the preservation of te reo has been focused on. Protect our taonga means taking a holistic approach to the healthcare of our people that utilises not just modern medicine but the ancient Māori approach of rongoa. In Maori culture any treasured thing whether tangible or intangible.

In taonga Maori language word which refers to a prized possession of the Maori culture. How to define the word taonga. Ka pa he taura waka e motu.

For times when Aroha cant quite express herself in te reo she will speak in English with Hamuera. Should Māori share personal data online. In praise of learning te reo Māori as a white kid.

Protect our taonga means encouraging Te Reo Māori to be taught in all schools encouraging Māori voices in society and allowing whakaaro Māori our ideologies to flourish. Whakataukī in te reo. Ko ngā reo o ētahi o ngā taonga puoro i ahu mai i ngā tangi o ngā ngārara o ngā manu o ngā wai o ngā rākau me ngā hau o te taiao TWK 4114.

Ahakoa he iti kete he iti nā te aroha. Noun heirloom something handed down cultural property heritage. The definition of taonga in Dictionary is as.

TE REO MĀORI Te reo Māori is the main language spoken in their home and Hamuera is a te reo Māori teacher at Bethlehem College teaching tauira students from years 913. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Meaning of taonga for the defined word.

She drew from the poeticism of te reo rangatira and older Māori beliefs and legends to craft an idiomatically accurate retelling. Add traditional Māori carving Te Reo Māori for Māori growing up in this dynamic world its a good lifestyle to me. Director Te Arepa Kahi explains.

Hamuera speaks solely Māori to his children and Aroha who humbly still considers herself a learner speaks to the kids in te reo 90 of the time which is as good as fluent in my book.

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