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Every hapū and iwi has their own tikanga around this. Maori Values and Concepts Tikanga Page 1 of 24 Overview This document This document provides staff and managersleaders of Waitemata DHB with an outline of accepted practices in relation to the Maori values and concepts Tikanga and management of care so that.

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Sharing of kai Whakawhanaungatanga.

Tikanga around food. We promote equity diversity. When dealing with Europeans Māori learnt that immediate payment was expected. Viewing rooms or chapel.

Encourage rangatahi to do the right thing by providing them with the essential information. Exiting of tūpāpaku to designated areas must avoid public corridors and food outlets. Generally speaking tikanga are Māori customary practices or behaviours.

This is one of the most formal occasions in the Māori world so women and men are expected to dress modestly with women usually wearing long below the knee. Running inside the centre isnt permitted as it is dangerous and the children may hurt themselves also that sitting on the table is not allowed as they are used to eat food off. Although there are variations between different iwi hapu and.

The concept is derived from the Māori word tika which means right or correct so in Māori terms to act in accordance with tikanga is to behave in a way that is culturally proper or appropriate. We follow the rules of Tikanga around food times. In traditional Māori tikanga when an item was given there was no expectation of immediate response as gifted items were mainly food which was governed by seasonal supply.

Where possible allow the whānau to take the tūpāpaku to a designated area eg. Always transport the tūpāpaku feet first. Māori say a karakiaprayer when harvesting leaves for use.

Having cloths ready for children to wash faces and. BLESS FOOD KARAKIA MŌ TE KAI Kua horahia te kai Nā ngā atua i homai Tāne Mahuta Haumiatiketike Rongomatāne Tangaroa Kia ora This food has been laid out before us Given to us by the atua Tāne god of forest Haumiatiketike god of cultivated kai Rongomatāne god of kumara and peace Tangaroa god of the sea We give thanks. Play times and Eating times are separateWe share a Karakia Kai before meal times Health and Safety Caregivers are to be present and supervise their children while eating to reduce the risk of choking Children always sit to.

The placing into practice that which is correct. We translate evidence to action. Explain rules boundaries and consequences.

Air is trapped in the honeycomb-like structure inside each blade. No Toys share a kai table with food. Traditional pōhā bull kelp bags are still used today by South Island Māori to preserve many types of food and to transport preserved food from one area to another.

We work towards food security and health equity for all acknowledging that current systems deliver unjust outcomes for many groups including tangata whenua. Think of it as a special occasion its a privilege to be welcomed in this way so its respectful to dress nicely. Reward adherence to tikanga.

Manaakitanga Tikanga examples Ensuring you pass children food and drink from the table to where they are sitting not over their heads. We are collectively empowered to uphold the dignity and well-being of. We aim to engage with our local community to share evidence-based information and practical education in an inclusive non-judgmental and accessible way.

In the karakia acknowledgement of our ancestors. Food preserved inside a pōhā can be kept safely for up to two or three years. Do not take food or drink into the room following death.

Tikanga is a Māori concept based around customary practices or principles. Tikanga is the little things but they are important karakia before going to bed taking shoes off before going into a whare and ensuring manuhiri eat first It creates a sense of purpose being wahine toa being mana wahine nurturing sustaining family and whānau Its the way we do things as Māori. For us its usual to be dressed nice and tidy and covered up modest not too much skin showing and for a woman to be wearing a skirt or a dress.

We would see rangatahi operating within the confines of the rules. Ensuring you use gloves or tongs when passing food out to children. Some people choose to wear black but thats not required.

Gifts were given to recognise. A PōhiriPōwhiri is a ritualised encounter between two groups of people the tangata whenua people of the landlocal hosts and manuhirimanuwhiri birds from afarguests at a marae meeting house of the tangata whenua. Sandwiches differences around frozen yoghurt refrigerated yoghurt and so on.

It is something that belongs to Māori. Many early-learning centres are banning or at least restricting the use of food as a play tool because it is deemed culturally insensitive or bad tikanga. The word tikanga is a derivation of the word tika meaning right or correct Ultimately derived from Proto Eastern Polynesia tika means straight correct right senses which are also reflected in cognate terms in Mangarevan Tahitian Tuamotuan and Raratongan.

Making pōhā to store muttonbirds. The tikanga around harvesting harakeke is grounded in common sense and protects the welfare of both the harvester and the harakeke plant itself. Gift-giving was a different matter in Māori culture.

The way the centre doesnt always use Tikanga is when they allow children to use pasta or food as a creative art activity I made jewellery with the children as I did not know we are not allowed to use food and the other staff members said.

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