Tikanga Principles

Tikanga can be described as general behaviour guidelines for daily life and interaction in Māori culture. The aim of tikanga is to achieve balance.

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Tikanga are more than just rules.

Tikanga principles. Tikanga kawa and values that meet the aspirations of iwi hapu and whanau often give direction to board work. Tikanga has emerged as a new area of study as a field of great opportunities for research and as a body of knowledge that needs to be taught in our schools. One of the theoretical principles of Tikanga the Māori way of doing things is whanaungatanga.

Central to the tikanga behind a Pōhiri are the concepts of tapu sacrednessrestriction and noa commonness no restriction. Become familiar with the basic principles of tapu and noa and practical ways of respecting these concepts. In this musing I look at how this perspective.

The regulators – tapu and mana – assist in the restoring of any imbalance and are relevant for any dispute resolution process. The document outlines processes for all staff to follow. Not using pillowcases for any other purpose and supporting whānau if they bring their own pillowcases.

Where possible use different coloured flannels to differentiate. All the values pr actices standar ds principles and norms that the Māori commu nity subscribe to to determine t he appropriat e legal c onduct Includes procedure s and protocols and ru les informed by the v. Upon reflection the principles or Tikanga being the right way of doing something of Tapu and Noa which exist around cutting harakeke was based on what is practical.

In the Kaupapa Māori framework these relationships are built on mutual trust respect reciprocity and whanaungatanga. TIkaNga Tikanga is an issue of principles values and spirituality. It is knowledge that our people need to understand discuss debate and pass on to others.

Durie asserts that tikanga is as much a comment on process as it is on fixed attitudes or knowledge1 Tikanga includes Mäori beliefs that are inherited values and concepts practised from generation to. In exercising the principles of the policy it is anticipated that the awareness and confidence of the health workforce will be raised and in doing so staff will demonstrate consideration of wider cultural needs and expectations. Principles of a Kaupapa Māori ethical framework Linda Tuhiwai Smith and Fiona Cram provide guidance on research and evaluation in a kaupapa Māori context involving eight principles.

Tikanga is commonly based on experience and learning that has been handed down through generations. And concepts like mana and tapu assist in the regulation of the relationships between people the environment and the spiritual world. Practice of a particular tikanga needs to be correct and right and should be considered alongside what is true and valid to Māori culture.

Maori Values and Concepts Tikanga Page 5 of 24 Guiding values principles- Nga Tikanga Whakahaere Continued Kaupapa Whakahaere Guiding Principles These principles are intended to support Maori tangata mauiui and their whanau during the time they are engaged with a. There is every indication. Through a legal lease tikanga is the legal structure that gives effect to basic principles or ground rules.

Tikanga are appropriate customary practices or layers of the culture developed by Māori communities and individuals and informed by common cultural values and concepts. Not passing food over a persons head. The Māori ethics framework references four tikanga based principles Whakapapa Tika Manaakitanga and Mana as the primary ethical principles in relation to research ethics.

Guiding behaviour and relationships. Using different flannels for washing the head and washing the body. It is a set of protocols and a basket of knowledge that our leaders and educators need to know in order to be more effective in what they do.

The placing into practice that which is correct. The concept of correctness or being right is a base principle that applies to all tikanga. They are best described as a form of social control and can guide the way relationships are formed provide ways for groups to interact and even guide the.

In todays terms we call this best practice or safe work habits but I dont want to minimise this notion to a term like best practice or safe work habits. It is based on logic and common sense associated with a Māori world view. Cultural Match – Tikanga Tikangaprinciples may be put into practice in the bdfMboard of a Māoriiilidi organisation alongside governance principles.

We would see rangatahi operating within. Tikanga Recommended Best Practice offers choice to the community about how health care is delivered.

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