Understanding Tikanga

Youll begin by reflecting on and evaluating your own practices of tikanga to help you identify your strengths. Tikanga can apply to all aspects of Māori life and rules therefore are numerous and diverse.

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In the glossary of Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum tikanga is defined as custom rule way of doing things.

Understanding tikanga. Tikanga Māori and its importance. It will also allow your museum to care for and manage taonga in more culturally appropriate ways. Tikanga is translated into the English language with a wide range of meanings culture custom ethic etiquette fashion formality lore manner meaning mechanism method protocol style customary law.

Students will understand their perspective as an observer of performance and contribute their own knowledge and whakaaro which has developed over time to the art form. Students learn that there are linguistic and cultural differences between groups iwi and hapū in different regions of New Zealand for example differences in kawa local protocols or tikanga as well as some very important similarities. Understanding tikanga Mäori will help you to develop relationships with whänau hapü and iwi.

Many museums have already begun to incorporate aspects of tikanga Mäori in their work processes. For Māmari Stephens tikangas value is how it creates a framework upon which many social of these processes can and do hang. They are rich complex and varied.

His unique combination of creative skills fluency in Te Reo Mori and a deep understanding of tikanga adds real integrity to the design process while building trust and ongoing relationships with iwi project partners. Youll learn how to apply your knowledge of Māori customs and practices in numerous situations and environments helping you to strengthen your confidence and capabilities in tikanga. Frank – Walter Steinmeier wurd e d ie Jugend b rück e am 21.

Students also have the opportunity to reflect upon their journey and advocate for te ao Māori through Te Ao Haka in understanding how tikanga makes Te Ao Haka uniquely Māori. Traditional knowledge can help us navigate our forever changing world and tikanga Māori – Māori customs and practices- will provide a solid basis to start learning the legacy of our ancestors. Tikanga is a Māori concept based around customary practices or principlesThe word tikanga is a derivation of the word tika meaning right or correct Ultimately derived from Proto Eastern Polynesia tika means straight correct right senses which are also.

Māori customs – Tikanga. It is also essential to know if you visit a marae Māori meeting grounds. Values include the importance of te reo language whenua.

Tikanga is a Māori concept incorporating practices and values from mātauranga Māori Māori knowledge. Tikanga customs and protocol is a vital part of Māori culture. The language and culture are not simple or one-dimensional.

Hond says the burial yesterday was an opportunity to help people understand what tikanga is. Commercially the best decision your business could make if you want your staff to start learning about Te Reo Mori tikanga and the Treaty is to collaborate with. Concepts and Learning in the Māori Tradition Pere 1982 tikanga is described as rules plans methods approaches customs habits rights authority and control.

Fakten Zahlen Gemeinsam mit d em B und esp räsid enten und d amaligen Außenminister Dr. This also offers a good refresher for kaiako. Tikanga isnt something thats always set in stone and in place.

Take your understanding of tikanga further with our highest level of fee-free study – the NZ Diploma in Tikanga Level 6. Tikanga is an issue of principles values and spirituality and is as much a comment on process as it is on fixed attitudes or knowledge1 Tikanga includes Māori beliefs that are inherited values and concepts practised from generation to generation. Added to curation as a reference for cultural responsiveness.

This website explains Te Ao Maori concepts such as Tikanga Karakia Whakapapa and Pepeha. For example they welcome new staff or special guests with pöwhiri welcoming. Students also have the opportunity to reflect upon their journey and advocate for te ao Māori through Te Ao Haka in understanding how tikanga makes Te Ao Haka uniquely Māori.

Processes and events might differ from place to place but the fact that tikanga is so uniformly understood in the Māori world means that there is no awkwardness no silence no time in which participants are unsure of what to do next. Students will understand their perspective as an observer of performance and contribute their own knowledge and whakaaro which has developed over time to the art form. Enhance your ability to critically analyse and apply tikanga in a wide range of contexts and applications to positively benefit you personally and professionally.

This is part 1 of a free 4-part series developed to support overseas trained teachers gain a deeper understanding of tikanga Māori that will enable them to strengthen their competency in bicultural practice. Understanding Māori tikanga will help you understand the Māori way. This is demonstrated at tangihana the mourning process before burial.

Tikanga is something that considers all the circumstances so what is best for all the people involved and what is best for the people in the wider society who may learn may understand from what is taking place here. Two important aspects of tikanga.

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