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When I get to were were where wear you are we can decide what to do. Were is the past tense of be when used as a verb.

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Where as a conjunction can also mean in the place that or in situations that as with these sentences.

Where vs were. As it turns out there are two moods in English. Where is used as conjunction where it used to joinlink two parts of the sentence. They also belong to.

The forms that was and were will take in your sentence are summarized in the chart below. They were swimming in her neighbors swimming pool. Were is a verb and the past tense of be.

It appears about three times more frequently than where. Where vs Were Where is used to ask questions about places whereas were is a past tense of be. Were has four alphabets having one less alphabet than were.

I live where the two roads cross. Were is known as a verb. Where suggests a location or position but were refers to a state of existence in the past.

A good way to remember the difference is that where has an h for home and home is a place. Out of the two words were is the most common. Were on the other hand is the plural and past form of the verb be.

They were at the store you could say for example. Were Where is known as an adverb of time. Also wear clothes while watching please.

Where which rhymes with bear and were which rhymes with fur are often confused even by native English. Where else were you going to go since were the best with these particular wares. Was is used in the first person singular I and the third person singular he she it.

When to use were. Sorry for the silly effectsI am sure you can tell I love themThis is a video explaining the difference in pronunciation between where and were. The subjunctive mood and the indicative mood.

Were is a verb whereas where is used to enquire about a place or location. Whereas where always refers to a location. No Comments on Was vs.

Were Image Credit. Where is used to refer thing that are related to directions or location. Where can also be used as a subordinating conjunction as with We performed an experiment where we measured buoyancy.

There are to be sure people who will tell you that where can only refer to an actual spatial place and cannot be extended to figurative locations such as states and situations. When trying to determine the difference between were and were versus where remember that were and were are both to be verbs or at least contain a to be verb. There is no reason in The Language Herself why you should not use where in this sentence.

Were is used in the second person singular and plural you your yours and first and third person plural we they. The term where rhymes with hair The word were rhymes with stir Where contains five alphabets. When it comes to function where is more versatile than were Where is an adverb conjunction and a pronoun that talks about a point of reference a location or a situation.

Once there Zoe found her dogs. In the past indicative were acts similar to was. Wear all have different meanings and we need to use them correctly to keep our writing clear and precise.

In terms of pronunciation where rhymes with hair while were rhymes with stir. It has to do with directions. These three words are commonly confused with each other but were vs.

Whether you use were or was next to the subject of the sentence depends on what mood the sentence is. These words are more technically categorized as synophones or words having almost similar sounds but different meanings. Here the meaning of where is in which.

Just remember that were is a contraction the apostrophe is a giveaway while where is a location were is the past of to be in some cases and. Where can be a adverb conjunction or pronoun. How to Correctly Use Where in Sentences Where has a h ere so it needs a location.

The main difference between Where and Were is that Where is known as an adverb of time whereas Were is known to be used as a verb. Where means in a specific place when used as an adverb or conjunction. Whereas was is the singular past tense of to be were is used for both the third person plural past tense they and we and the second person past tense you.

We were going to the movies.

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